Wednesday October 24, 2018


About Council Members

Carl Tinney, Reeve

Carl Tinney was originally elected as a Councillor of Faraday Township in 1971 to 1972 and was elected Deputy Reeve in 1973 to 1974. Carl Tinney has been Reeve of Faraday Township from 1991 to the present. He has been active on the Recreation Committee in Faraday throughout his term as Reeve.
Carl Tinney

Marg Nicholson, Deputy-Reeve

Marg was born and raised in Bancroft, Ontario. She received her education at North Hastings High School and the Oshawa Business College. She was employed by the Town of Bancroft and held the position of Deputy Clerk/Administrative and Planning Assistant. She was first hired in 1983 and continued until her retirement in 2012.

Marg was elected Councillor in 1997 and was re-elected in 2000. She successfully sought the Deputy Reeveship in 2003 and continues to hold the office of Deputy Reeve.

Marg’s knowledge and experience in the municipal field has proven advantageous as municipalities struggle through the many challenges presented in today’s municipal environment.

She has served on the Joint Waste Management Board, Faraday Community Centre, Faraday Recreation Committee, Roads Committee, North Hastings Family Health Team Board of Directors and the Municipal Dog Pound Board.

Marg is committed to working in a cooperative manner to achieve sound decisions and sensible spending. She is a good listener and approaches issues with common sense. 
Marg Nicholson

Jim Thomson, Councillor

Born and raised in the small rural village of Schomberg Ontario, Jim worked and traveled all across Canada before settling in Paudash with his family when they bought the Craftsman Restaurant in 1986. With over 30 years of small business experience, and 11 years of council experience here in Faraday, Jim has an in-depth understanding of the challenges of living and working in rural Eastern Ontario, as well as the municipal issues and politics unique to this region. During his three terms on Faraday council, Jim has sat on various committees, including the North Hastings Economic Development Committee, the Faraday Fire Department and Dog Pound Committees and the Municipal Economic Development Partners Group. Jim is proud to be part of a council that has successfully maintained municipal services and kept Faraday fiscally strong, despite the economic challenges that all municipalities across the province have faced in recent years.

Jim Thompson 

Anna Wilson, Councillor

Anna was elected Councillor in 2003.  She and her husband have been property owners in Faraday Township since 1965 and became permanent residents in 1995.

Achievements of which I am most proud are:

  • Opening of Community Medical Clinic
  • Reclamation of the Landfill Site
  • Improved Recycling Program

As a member of Hospice North Hastings, BRAVO and the Library Board, I am proud to say Faraday Township has supported these organizations for the betterment of our community

Anna Wilson 

Dennis Purcell, Councillor


Dennis Purcell